Downtime = Nailtime


Had a few moments to myself, my 2 year old decided it was a good day for a nap. In order to get a bit of creativity into the day I whipped out my new nail polish. It has been extremely slow to warm up outside, so I figured I needed a bit of Spring on my nails.

Nail art is once again HUGE, so here we go on a very easy nail art tutorial. I chose two shades, Jaded and Barracuda from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line. I love this line because it is long wearing and the colours are always current.


1. Brush on two coats of Jaded, let it dry

2. Pour small amount of Barracuda into a water bottle cap or drop a small amount onto a piece of cling wrap

3. Cut off the fuzzy end of a Q-tip and dip into Barracuda

4. Use Q-tip to create a straight line of dots, I placed the dots on a diagonal

Let dry then you are done!

Tips Q-tips, lollipop sticks, chop sticks, tooth picks are all good tools for creating designs

Keep old water bottle caps, beer caps, jam lids etc. to use as paint vessels (those would then make a pretty display…but that craft is for another day)

Experiment with what you have and look for striking colour combos

Check out my Pinterest, I have pulled together a few images from the Pinterest universe for inspiration

Have fun! Be creative!




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