Silhouettes – Capturing a Moment in Time

I have always loved silhouettes and hunted for months for someone to create portraits of my children.  While there are a small handful of people around the world keeping this art form alive, the process seemed long and often costly. Let’s be honest, this is a DIY blog…would have been a boring post if I just said “here is Bob, he’ll do it for you”. So I began my DIY research.  I happened upon Tori Spelling’s blog ediTORIal (whom BTW I LOVE!!! it’s ‘whom’ right?), she posted  DIY Vintage Pop Silhouettes and I really liked the idea. I re-pinned her project to my “Bored? Get Crafty” board on my Pinterest if you want to check it out.

I wanted to take a more vintage route so I ‘borrowed’ her idea of printing out my own photos and cutting them to size.  I started by taking profile pictures, printing them out and cutting an outline.

Cut Outline

Then I traced the cut photo onto heavy card stock (white for the first one and black for the second photo). I glued the silhouette onto a contrasting background and then placed it within a cute  die cut frame I found at Michael’s (or as I like to call it…Crafter’s Heaven).  Attach Cut OutSilhouette Isy

I then hunted around for a frame with a white mat (Ikea, HomeSense, Superstore etc.) Ended up finding great inexpensive frames in the home section at Superstore.

Silhouette Collage

And….voila! Easy peasy DIY Silhouettes! Hope you like them! As always crafty friends email me with any of your DIY questions.