Calling All Ninjas…DIY LEGO Ninjago Party

Are you familiar with the Four Golden Weapons, the ninjas: Jay, Cole, Zane, Kai and his sister Nya? I’m talking about the world of Lego Ninjago.

My friend Nicole just hosted a LEGO Ninjago party for her son’s sixth birthday; everything was so DIY amazingly creative that I HAD TO SHARE! So this week, I bring you the DIY LEGO Ninjago party…

Supplies you will need:

  • Construction paper in Red, White, Black
  • Balloons in Red, White, Black
  • Chinese take-out containers in Red, White, Black
  • Assorted candies in Red, White, Black
  • Printer labels and paper
  • Black Sharpie or similar permanent marker
  • White Bristol or foam board, string, tape, glue, scissors etc.
  • Black electrical tape
  • Florist Oasis, rectangle shape
  • Foam swords
  • Strips of white fabric (to use as ninja head bands)

Let’s start off with the decor

Ninjago Decor

The sign was created by printing out Happy Birthday in an ‘asian-inspired’ font. Then a quick Google images search yields Ninjago wallpapers which you can download and print. The ninjas’ eyes were printed out and taped to the balloons (personally, I think this is genius and will for sure be using this idea for other party themes). Chinese take-out containers can be found at most party supply stores and the printed labels were a great touch in keeping with the theme.

How about activities to keep the little ninjas busy?

Ninjago Activities

DIY Ninjago colouring books were printed, if you want to go a step further you could have the kids personalize a cover. Personalized ninja headbands and swords were created for the kids as well. If you don’t have the time, or aren’t as adept at wielding a Sharpie, you could just cut out little red circles from felt and hot glue it to the front of the fabric strips. A pin the beard on Sensei Wu game was also created and hung up for the kids. Pin the ‘whatever’ on ‘whomever’ games are easy to theme and DIY for any party, so it is always a great addition to the activities.

And last but not least, is every kid’s favourite table at a party…the food!

Ninjago Food Collage

The cake and cake pops were purchased from a local bakery, but if you’re super DIY-ish the designs pictured above are easy to duplicate. The stands for the cake pops were created by wrapping florist Oasis with construction paper. So easy and brilliant! Fresh fruit plates were arranged and chosen to keep with the Red, White, Black theme. A few small containers of assorted candies in the colour theme help to round out the table.

Here is a great shot bringing all the elements together

Ninjago Party Table

The lanterns were hung on red and black ribbon on both ends of the room to tie everything together. As well, two foam boards were cut and electrical tape used to create a screen. The characters were downloaded and printed from the internet.

Other ideas you could DIY

  • Big cut-outs for kids to take their pictures with the ninjas or Sensei Wu
  • Ask the kids to dress in all Red, Black or White
  • Incorporate a ninja-themed pinata to ‘train’ the little ninjas in their sword wielding abilities
  • Set-up an obstacle course including a mini-trampoline for the kids to practice their ninja moves
  • Play Master Wu says (kind of like Simon says)
  • Give the kids plain foam swords or sword cut-outs from cardboard and set up a ‘decoration’ area

And there you have it…quick, easy not to mention what can be a budget friendly DIY Ninjago party!

As an aside, the back story to Ninjago is actually really cool, so take a moment to look it up:

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