Easy DIY Sweet & Salty Dessert Table

In my house, we generally make a big deal about the kids’ birthdays, balloons, games, arts & crafts etc. etc. My spring/summer party post is in the works, but in the meantime enjoy the more ‘grown-up’ party I hosted for the hubbie’s birthday below.

Straw Holder Collage

I gathered up all my white and silver serving dishes, but realized I needed to DIY a few accessories to pull everything together. I purchased a set of grey zig-zag patterned drinking straws, really because they match the curtains in the dinning room (that’s a whole other DIY project which we can discuss another day) . So, first up, a straw holder. I took a small glass vase and cut a rectangle out of burlap. I then cut a length of sparkly silver trim to create a “belt” for the vase. I used my trusty mini glue gun to glue the seam on the burlap to the jar, then a few small dots of hot glue on the trim.

When I arranged everything on the table, the straw holder wasn’t really standing out, so I flipped a silver candle holder upside down and placed the jar on top. You could also a pillar candle stand or mini cake/cupcake stand to add height to your display. 

I also wrapped a small Mason jar to keep them theme moving across the table. I used the Mason jar to hold utensils for the dessert shooters. The photo shows the Mason jar and the vase as straw holders.

Mini Desserts CollageDessert shooters are a great way to introduce a variety of items to the table without having too many leftovers. It is far easier to justify one tiny dessert…Or two…or three…and plus who is really watching and counting how many you just stuffed in your face?

The first is an apple crumble shooter. Take any apple/fruit crumble recipe, mix all ingredients and bake the crumble separate from the apples/fruit. (If you don’t have a recipe, PM me on Downtime DIY on Facebook and I’ll be happy to share). Let the baked items cool, then layer in a shooter…so easy!

The other shooter is a chocolate brownie covered with vanilla pudding and raspberries. If you don’t have time to bake brownies, just pick some up and get to layering! On this side of the table I placed individual popcorn boxes and mini tarts stacked on two cupcake stands.

I arranged fresh fruit, dried fruit and a veggie platter to the left of the table. Easy, easy, easy. The Salty items were placed around the back of the display, chips, more popcorn, pita and dips etc. 

Last Collage 1

Topped it all off with a cute little polka-dot cake…and voila! The quick and easy DIY Salty & Sweet Dessert Table. The DIY’ing, baking and arranging took a total of two hours. Not bad for a night of fun!

Hope you had a crafty month!









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