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Since the addition of the Magnet Board (check out  “Stuck on You” from a few posts ago), there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of masterpieces being created and brought home from school. As a result, we now need more magnets! 

A quick search at a few local stores didn’t yield anything I liked. So…off to the CRAFT ROOM! After a bit of rummaging around in what I like to call the ‘random crafty pile’ I came up with the following.

First up…mini magnet photo frames. 

MATERIALS: Mini photo frames, packages of Neodymium magnets (read: SUPER STRONG!), Weldbond  Glue. P.S. Keep the magnets away from your children, they are very strong and if swallowed will mean a break in crafting to head over to the nearest ER.

Mini Frame Magnet Supplies

I removed the ‘stand’ on the back of the frames.

2014-02-04 12.46.47




I then placed a tiny drop of glue on the back of the Neodymium magnets…again, can’t stress enough…be very careful with the magnets. They are unbelievably strong, keep them away from each other or you’ll have a hell of a time getting them apart. Trust me! 

2014-02-04 12.57.18



Let glue dry for an hour-ish then Voila! You have cute little magnet frames. 

Next up…mini magnet photo frames version 2.

MATERIALS: Photo frames with magnets already affixed (I think these were Umbra?) and sparkle tape. You could use any type of ‘fancy-ish’ tape. There are amazing designer duct tapes available now as well.

Mini Frame Magnet Supplies 2I measured and cut the tape and affixed it to the front of each frame. So easy…

I also created a few button and jewel magnets with the Neodymium magnets and  Weldbond Glue. Below is a photo of how they all turned out. Easy, not to mention really pretty, DIY magnets.

Magnets Final

As always have fun crafting and feel free to contact me with any DIY questions! Have a great week!

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