Stuck On You – DIY Magnet Panel

With a busy 4 year old ‘artist’ and a 2 year old ‘apprentice artist’ running around wielding crayons, markers, glitter glue and what seems like an entire forest of paper, my fridge door was getting a bit chaotic. I decided we needed an art display area. Luckily I had a spare and bare wall in the kitchen. This DIY is also great for those of you with stainless steel fridges…guess you’ve noticed magnets don’t work.

Steel…where does one find such a thing? You could go to Home Depot/Lowes/Rona/your Grandpa’s garage etc. I needed a BIG sheet of steel. I called Metal Supermarkets and explained to a nice man named Jay what I needed. I gave him the measurements and he told me it could be delivered the next day (how’s that for service!).

I decided to wrap the steel in burlap (any fabric with a bit of weight to it will work).  I covered the front of the steel with a THIN layer of spray adhesive. Placed the burlap down and carefully laid my giant sheet of steel on top (CAUTION! the steel is heavy and bendy, so you might need some help…good idea to wear work gloves too. Let’s try to avoid a trip to the ER with a severed palm).

2014-01-10 13.55.28

I folded the burlap over the back of the steel and affixed with heavy duty double-sided carpet tape. The burlap was slipping so I needed to pull and tamp down the fabric a few times. I asked the kids to jump on the folded ends for good measure as well.

2014-01-10 13.54.51

Next I placed a few newspapers under the corners of the completed magnet board and created guide holes with a nail and hammer. The ‘guide holes’ are helpful when you’re drilling the magnet board into the wall. Still with me? Did I lose you at guide  holes? It’s easier than it sounds.

Then Hubbie helped me hold the magnet board up against the wall and I went to town with my drill. Because the board had some weight to it, I made sure to pre-drill and insert anchors for the nails. You can buy anchor and nail sets at a hardware stores, just be sure to find out what kind of wall you have…plaster, drywall etc.

2014-01-11 19.33.52

And that’s it! DIY Magnet Board ready for every masterpiece your LO’s (little ones) create. As always, email me with any of your DIY questions.

2014-01-11 19.39.00

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