Tutu Cute

My daughter is not what you would consider a girly-girl. She is more into soccer & dinosaurs. She sometimes likes girly things, but yet has informed me on many occasions that she’s not that type of girl. Which I have come to interpret as, I like girly things Mommy, but don’t you dare tell me it’s fancy or girly because I will then change my mind and tell you I hate it. Life at 5…going on 35.

One day not long ago my ‘not girly-girl’ came to me and asked for a tutu! Well I almost fell off my chair and then secretly did cartwheels in my girly Mommy head…maybe this tutu could lead us down the path of fancy hairbands and super cute fashionable clothes made to fit a mini figure!  I agreed to make the tutu with my girly hopes quietly hidden behind my smile.

Here’s a brief tutorial on making a no-sew tutu option. I’ll follow up with a sewing option in a future post.

Step One: You will need approximately 6 meters of tulle






Step Two: Measure from waist to where you would like the tutu to fall. Double that number and cut tulle in lengths. The width can be anywhere from 3 to 5 inches across. Cut a length of ribbon to wrap around waist with enough left over to tie into a bow.


Step Three: Lay out ribbon. Fold tulle in half and loop around ribbon, tighten and repeat.

Step Four: Continue until you have enough tulle around ribbon to create full skirt. And that’s it!!!



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